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Our success is not only due to the quality of our products; it’s down to attitudes, understanding, and the way we treat our clients.



We strive to bring satisfaction and that "aww I love it" moment in peoples lives. We don't cut corners and try to squeeze as much profit as we can. Our philosophy is treating people correctly and giving them the best piece of jewelry for their money. All our pieces are carefully crafted and made sure to have the best quality stones that we can offer at the budget of the client. Not only monetary but jewelry holds an emotional value to most people and we go out of way to give the client more than they hope for.

Manufacturer, Exporter,

and Importer of Precious

Semi-Precious Stones

Specialist in Emeralds and Alexandrite 


Coming from a family of stone cutters with history dating back to the Persian Jewelry Era, Mohammed Ausaf established his first cutting factory with the help of his father and grand father in 1973 in Jaipur, India. Making his way from Jaipur and venturing to Thailand and Hong Kong before making his mark in New York. Establishing the Precious Pebbles Inc. name in 1995. Since than he has prospered due to the good values and education from his upbringing and experience. Today the family tradition continues with a new vision of his two sons and not treating this as a business, yet a passion for this remarkable trade of allure and desire.

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