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Birthstones are gems with unique meanings and significance that are associated with a birth month. Since ancient times, it’s believed that wearing your birthstone is a symbol of wellness and good fortune. Birthstones are a great conversation starter, it gives people a sense of who you are, and it's a must-have statement piece of the finest quality. They carry secrets, powers, and characteristics that gives the wearer a lovely reminder of what they represent. See which birthstone is meant for you.



Garnet has a high refractive index which gives the impression of emitting light. This phenomenon has led travelers to carry garnets while defeating evil and light up the night throughout their journey. The stone is believed to keep the wearer safe during travels. Garnet transmit creative energy, boos self-confidence, bring peace, and can inspire love. This is a stone of strong, powerful, and intense feelings, and is considered to be a lucky stone for love, success, and business relationships.


Amethyst is a stunning stone with great powers to stimulate the mind and emotions and strengthens the imagination and intuition. This, all together, enhance one’s creativity and passion, which gives the wearer a clearer focus on the road to success. Amethyst is said to bring courage and strengthen relationships. The deep violet stone also carries the energy of sobriety and is a kindly reminder of not to overindulge. Amethyst is highly valued for cleansing one’s energy of negative influences and attachments and is a stone of comfort for those who have lost a loved one.

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Aquamarine symbolizes everything connected to the sea and those things related to heaven reflected on the water’s surface. The deep blue stone brings protection, fearlessness, and good luck to all who travels near the water. Its calming, cleansing, and soothing energy inspires truth, trust, and letting go. The purity of the stone allows a clearer communication and a soulful insight within us, and with others. Aquamarine is believed to be a stone of eternal youth and happiness.

birthstone diamond.png


The April birthstone is a symbol of everlasting love, purity, innocence, eternity, and courage. The beauty and rarity of the Diamond stone embraces strength, ethics, and faithfulness. The diamond birthstone symbolized wealth and guide the wearer in the right direction towards one’s goal. It enhances the wearer’s inner vision, it purifies and detoxifies the body system, and stimulates creativity. This opens the mind to grab new opportunities and continue the wearer’s growth. Diamonds represent perfection and illumination and harmonize the energies that moves through them.

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The May birthstone, Emerald, was dedicated to Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. It promotes unconditional love and balance between partners. The stone is associated with love, rebirth, and fertility, and is believed to signify wisdom, growth, and patience. This association will inspire the wearer to find harmony throughout one’s journey and remember that winter doesn’t last forever. The gorgeous green color illuminates with elegance and its soothing energy transmit healing to all levels of the human being.

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The rare birthstone, Alexandrite, is a transparent yellow-green or greenish blue stone that explodes into a variety of colors when exposed to light. The range between red, dark purple, and orange will bright up the stone, depending on directions and angles of the light. Similar to Alexandrite, love doesn’t come in only one color or form, and you can always tell if you have the real thing. Let the gift of an Alexandrite express the vivid love that words can’t describe. Alexandrite brings luck, good fortune, and love. The stone also gives hope to those who experience the misery of life and intensify the wearer’s strength throughout the process and healing. Alexandrite are helpful for our emotional well-being and creates a clearer sight of the world around us.

birthstone ruby 2.png

For the longest time, Moonstone has been connected to the magic of the moon; a protection for travelers, a gift of love and passion, a channel for prediction, and a path to wisdom. Moonstone soothes and encourages, teaching us the natural flow of life. As ancient as the moon itself, Moonstone holds the power of mystery. It takes the wearer on an inward journey to retrieve a forgotten soul and bring it back to life. It’s believed that the stone’s uplifting quality of hope will enhance the wearer’s personality.


The Ruby’s deep-red color signifies love and passion and is believed to protect its wearer from evil. The stone used to be worn as a protector of danger, keeping the body safe, and reject sad and foolish thoughts. It was meant to bring the wearer peace and ability to resolve clashes along the way. Rubies promotes a clearer mind, increased motivation, and a sense of power that contributes to prosperity and achievements. It also initiates the sensual pleasures of life and assist the wearer in recognizing those enjoyments. Ruby makes a beautiful gift for someone who needs a reminder that they are full of life and have a lot to offer to the world around them.

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The heavenly blue color of the September birthstone, Sapphire, signifies hope and faith, and is believed to bring protection and good fortune upon the wearer. It is a symbol of power, purity, loyalty, and wisdom. The purity of the stone brings order and healing to the mind, with the ability to see beneath the surface and the underlying truth. Sapphires are ideal for accomplishing goals and transforming ideas into action because the stone embraces structure and self-discipline.

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Opal is a so-called “Eye Stone” that brings pleasure to the sight and is dedicated to the eye in such greatness that it inspires love, hope, innocence, purity, luck, and happiness. It is one of the most sensual gems and can increase one’s sexual drive. Opals bring a full spectrum of light energy that soothes and clear the emotional body, which will boost the will to live and the joy that comes with it. Opals have been worn with purpose of preventing evil to attach and to protect the wearer’s eyesight. The stone illuminates the wearers positive actions and one’s true self, which nurture the wearer’s highest potential. Opal is a karmic stone with a reminder that the cause and effect of one’s action will return.

Very few gems match Tourmaline’s stunning array of colors which makes the stone capable of inspiring artistic expressions. The stone was once used to awaken one from “the dream of illusion” and it was used as a tool to bring insight in discoveries for good purposes. In modern times, the stone is used to protect against all evil. Tourmaline grant enlightenments, give power over spiritual matters, and reconcile opposites. The stone radiates the energy that attracts money, healing, and friendship, and creates a commitment towards the wearer’s goals.

birthstone peridot.png


The magnificent yellow-green Peridot is a gem of warmth and well-being, mentally and physically. It carries the gift of inner glow, which opens the mind to new levels of awareness and growth. the Peridot stone symbolizes strength and its protective powers drive away bad forces. Wearing a Peridot gem is beneficial for overcoming fear, jealousy, and resentment in order to move forward. The stone promotes responsibility and forgiveness and bring a greater sense of self-worth and confidence. Peridot helps to manifest the abundance in all areas of one’s life.

Spinel is a beautiful and fascinating gemstone that receives attention and admiration for its energetic vibrations. The high energy of the Spinel birthstone empowers its wearer and the stone cleanses the energies required for the path ahead. Spinel is used for intellectual power and to help boost memory. The vibrant stone has the ability to reduce stress and depression and will encourage the wearer to overcome difficulties. Spinel is known to attract money, wealth, social wellbeing, and prosperity. The natural Spinel stone is a rare gem that comes in a wealth of colors, but the ones in high demand are red, pink, and blue.

birthstone topaz.png


Topaz symbolizes love and affection and is believed to increase strength and intellect. It brings a lasting energy, joy, and generosity. True love is brought to the ones who possesses a Topaz and bring success in all of their actions. This inspiring stone promotes great confidence to pursue one’s aspirations. Topaz has a reputation of bringing good fortune and lengthen one’s life. The most popular topaz color is blue, but usually comes in pale yellow, brown, or gray colors. Pastel colored Topaz is also found.

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Tanzanite is relatively rare stone with deep depth of color. The stone of transmutation is ranging between rich blue-violet to violet-blue to almost lavender. The December birthstone is believed to extract negativity and turn it into something positive, which helps to unite the mind and the heart, and revealing certain truths. Tanzanite can influence the wearer to become a kind, compassionate, and enlightened person, and its color transmit illumination, warmth, and enthusiasm. The stone encourages strong emotions, action and passion, new ideas, and sexual energy.

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